Sedona Blissful of Blissball



I found a lot of [Gratitudes], when I was hiking into my favorite spots, the middle of nature in Sedona. Long Canyon at where I take 5~6 hours to hike up and back. Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock at where I climb some steep area with great amount of sweat. Oak Creek Canyon at where the sound of the creek washes me inside and out. A prayer might come naturally sometimes for my safety and my own limitation or I might experience that my conversation to nature around me transforms into a conversation with self within me. Then I might find another [Gratitudes]. I think the answer comes through its experience because I am the one☆ to put the effort and seek the answer.

These is my Sedona Connection Family who value prayers and gratitudes the most important thing in our everyday life. From the left of this photo, there are my Navajo friend, Lyle, my son Kiai and myself. Lyle is Kiai's lifesaver when Kiai were about to be washed away in a muddy stream in the past.
In my past, I was looking for a Native American who could give a ceremony of prayers in Sedona, because of a Japanese tour group's request. But I could not find any Native American who I could really trust in the matter. One day, I was talking to Kiai about that. In the middle of the conversation, Kiai gave me an answer right away. I met Lyle through my son, Kiai's recommendation. It was very first time to meet someone by my own son's introduction but I felt complete faith in my heart. Since then, Lyle and me have become best friends and we have shared experiences of beauty end truths of Sedona. Lyle’s Native American Flute is a very important tool for prayers and the words shared through him after can be one of your life time treasures.
Our prayers are with you.